AM Radio

by Marselle

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released March 12, 2017
Marselle - radios, vocals, keyboards

Lauren Hunter - spoken word -

"AM RADIO" by Lauren Hunter

i fight fire with taking a seat
how can i be moved
break anything intangible
for the cause

stand up in a dream where i am the plane
and my own body below it
the calm of a wide sea
the pleasure of a slow breeze
to be contented with breathing

if you're the buzz of electricity in flourescent lights
i am the light
turn me on
if i am the dark after takeoff
open the window

if i am a city then nobody sleeps
nothing [none] certain but no peace
tiny orange stars connect highways but
we are in the air

i tell you
no turbulence and no fear
up here the light is us and stars
plane headlights reflecting in a gander's eye
what's left to be seen

if you are the sunrise from 30,000 feet
i am the clouds drenched in paint
and glow wake it up
through the cracks in the shade
warm it up let it glow

but if i never want to land
but if i fail to sprout wings
but if we are birds made of wax
but if this is the light
but if we cling to the wing
but if we open our eyes
but if the bounce and shake is unending
and the ground is racing towards us
[i'd] i look up

what wild animals have to teach us
i find the freedom stifling, i hear the door latch whispering
turn me on
set it free
not the chaos but the sound

i want to be free
but build walls up
fabricate unpickable locks and
chain myself to the ground try harder for me
there's no reward but the cradle of a seat pressing you into the air
like we are birds, ridiculous
humans with wings
and our eyes shut
against the terror



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Marselle Durham, North Carolina

avant-groovepunk / noise / minimalist

Logo & Header by @moonlordress

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